ďDo you know how difficult it was to find a virgin of adult age? Not to mention one who's a good enough sport!Ē

About the Film

It's 1960 in Brooklyn, New York. Mary Weinstein, an unsuspecting Jewish virgin, enters a Port-O-Let on the Coney Island Boardwalk- for ordinary reasons. That's when the extraordinary happens. This is THE SECOND GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD.

Mira Sorvino stars as the modern day Virgin Mary and Malcolm McDowell makes a special appearance as the flamboyant Angel Gabriel, to deliver the good news. The ever busy Angel has little patience with the totally distraught and pregnant Mary. "Do you know how difficult it was to find a virgin of adult age? Not to mention one who's a good enough sport!" With the promise "Something wonderful is about to happen", Gabriel leaves Mary to confront the reality of her situation- no one will believe her.

THE SECOND GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD, a comedic contemporization of the New Testament, takes a satiric yet reverent look at the worlds varied testaments to faith. The film sends up the style of Hollywood's great Bible epics, while telling the very human story of one girl caught in a unique and hilarious dilemma.


Director of Photography John A. Thomas
Edited by Bernadine Colish
Production Design by Elizabeth Curtis
Wardrobe Design by Mimi Fisher
Associate Producer Penny CM Stankiewicz
Written by Ralph Howard
Executive Producer Katharina Otto
Produced and Directed by Katharina Otto and
  Ralph Howard

The Crew

Executive Producer Katharina Otto
Written by Ralph Howard
Directors Katharina Otto
  Ralph Howard
Associate Producer Penny CM Stankiewicz
Director of Photography John A. Thomas
Production Manager Mari Jo Winkler
Editor Bernadine Colish
Assistant Directors Lora Downs
  Penny CM Stankiewicz
Production Co-ordinators Maia Wechsler
  Amy Larovere
Wardrobe Mimi Fisher
Production Designer Elizabeth Curtis
Hair & Make Up Kevin McQueen
Sound Mixers Donna Farnum
  John Dresher
2nd Assistant Directors Carrie Rudolph
  Maia Wechsler
Scrip Supervisor Simone Leogolis
  Triona Crilly
Set Dresser Jamie Kibel
Art Department Assistant Michelle Clark
Assistant Wardrobe Stylist Lisa Kent
Assistant Editor Tim Johnson
Assistant Coordinator Dalia Sofer
First Assistant Camera David Paone
Second Assistant Camera Loreili Andrysick
  Osa Elmfors
  Erla Skuladottir
Gaffer Will MacGhee
Grips Albert Bassie
  Kelly Beaton
  Bob Fiske
  Dan Karlok
  Olga Matlin
  Derek McKane
  Monique Mitchell
  Eric Seefranz
  Adrian Truini
  Damien Tuffereau
  Ben Wolfe
Electrics John Disimone
  Jeff Eplett
  Jow Dolwy
  Susanna Hall
  Jorge Kramer
  John Surino
  Robert Vuolo
  Perry Wollberger
Boom Operators John C. Tanzer
  Chuck Dibono
  Nandor Nevai
Still Photographers Michael Yasokovitch
  Brian Edwards
  Chris Johnson
Grip PA's Tom Penketh
  Byron Shaw
  Osmo Walden
Production Assistants Anthony Artis
  Andrew Guidone
  Stacy Cyres
  Chuch Dibono
  Raheem Darcy
  Matt Dominiani
  Jessica Fleming
  Stephanie Hernstadt
  Timothy Johnson
  Billy Logue
  Alex Madans
  Mark Maitland
  Anthony Melham
  Mary McTigue
  Kathy Moran
  Brena Pinter
  Patty Romeu
  Ted sappington
Drivers Michael Johnson
  Steve Baker
  Andrew Goetz
  Charles Vassoll