(1994) 46 min. 35mm. Color
Director, Producer and Executive Producer:
Katharina Otto-Bernstein
Writer, Director and Producer:
Ralph Glenn Howard

Academy Award Winner Mira Sorvino is heading an All Star Cast in her first leading role as a modern day Virgin Mary, in this hilarious short comedy.

It is 1960 in Brooklyn, New York. Mary Weinstein (Mira Sorvino), an unsuspecting virgin, enters a Port-O-Let for ordinary reasons. That is when the extraordinary happens - The Second Greatest Story Ever Told.

Soon after, Mary is visited by the flamboyant Angel Gabriel (Malcolm McDowell) to deliver the good news. "God always had a thing for Jewish girls, personally I prefer tall large Swedes - the Anita Ekberg type, if you know what I mean!" With the promise that something wonderful is going to happen, Gabriel leaves Mary with the reality of her situation - no one will believe her.

Desperately trying to hide the facts of her immaculate pregnancy from her parents (Anne Byrne, Ivan Kronenfeld), she consults the family physician (Tim Monsion). His advice: "Find a nice husband - and fast." For her friends Lucy (Shira-Lee Shalit) and Arlene (Rya Kihlstedt), one thing is clear: if there is a 'chosen one', it would have to be Liz Taylor, Jackie Kennedy or one of them.

Mary has only one joker left in her deck of cards: her childhood playmate Joey Josephson (Josh Pias), aspirant to the largest pre-fabricated home construction business in Brooklyn and a genuine, if bumbling, average Joe. Is he the answer to her problems?

Shot by 'Sex in the City' cinematographer John Thomas, The Second Greatest Story Ever Told sends up the style of Hollywood's great Bible epics while telling the very human story of one girl caught up in a unique and hilarious dilemma.

Copyright 1993 Film Manufacturers Inc.